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Taking A Moment To Keep Mental Wellness In Mind

Taking a moment to clear our minds is the new stop and smell the roses.

With the busy pace of modern life and the physiological and psychological effects that come with it, living a healthy lifestyle now means keeping track of both body and mind. That’s why mindfulness and meditation is becoming as popular a practice as CrossFit and SoulCycle.

The practice of meditation dates back thousands of years and its origins can be found in Asian countries such as India, Nepal, and China. More recently, the benefits of practicing meditation have spread around the world.  It can be difficult to find a clearly agreed upon definition for meditation, but it is generally taken to refer to practices centered around training our attention inward in order to bring our cognitive processes under better voluntary control. In other words, practicing getting our thoughts under control and improving our ability to create a sense of calm and peacefulness for ourselves. Creating our own roses to stop and smell, so to speak.

There are classes and apps that can help newbies start their introduction to meditation, but the practice can seem difficult at first. Trying to empty our minds of thoughts isn’t as easy as it sounds. Part of the reason can be natural impulse to react to all the sense stimuli we encounter. I internal systems are conditioned to make it harder to tune things out. That’s why it can help to use CBD to promote our natural ability to maintain overall stability.

Our endocannabinoid system, or ECS, helps our body regulate a variety of processes. CBD provides a boost to the cannabinoids that interact with our ECS, which can promote our natural ability to handle stressors and make it easier to control our body’s reaction to them. Using CBD daily can provide both new and seasoned veterans of meditation with a clearer path to clearing our minds and improving our mental well-being.

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