Elevate® Pain Relief Cream

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Available in two options: Heat or Cooling relief therapy. Our Hemp Extract Cream is perfect for athletes, Spartan racers, weekend warriors, gym rats, or runners.! Our Hemp Extract infused cream is a powerful way to treat sore, tired muscles. When your body needs to rebound, and you need natural relief from pain, turn to our full-spectrum, Cannabinoid-rich cream for total relief. Safe, impurity-free, and effective.

Elevate Hemp Extract Cream Benefits:

  • Provides two options in combating muscle/joint pain relief for athletes and weekend warriors
  • Treat sore muscles and joint pain effectively
  • Pain relief cream
  • 140mg of Cannabinoid

4 reviews for Elevate® Pain Relief Cream

  1. Melissa

    I had a fall on asphalt and badly bone-bruised my knees. This cream took the edge off the non-stop throbbing while I healed. It helped so much that I’ve now been using it on all my little aches and pains – awesome product!

  2. Jeff

    This Extract cream is really making all my aches and pains go away. I’ve used the other pain creams bought at other stores but this Hemp cream is really doing the job. I’m recommending this to my friends as a first remedy before buying any other products.

  3. Cynthia

    I’ve been using the Heat Cream on my back, which is constantly stiff and tight. My massage therapist recommended I rub this cream on the sore areas to help with blood flow stimulation. It really seems to relax the muscles a bit so I can move better!

  4. Dan

    I woke up the other day with a stiff neck that was really bothering me and limiting my physical activity. I was visiting my father who wanted to go for a walk/run with me which I initially declined due to my neck. This prompted him to give me some of this cream to try, and wow – within a few hours my neck felt substantially looser and we got that walk in. Since then I always have some of this cream when I need it, and whenever someone I know has a minor ache/pain I’ve lent them some of this cream to show them how helpful it is.

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Elevate® products are manufactured in the USA and tested to a pharmaceutical standard. Each final product is tested and comes with an Elevate® guarantee for CBD strength as labelled, the absence of microbial impurities and contains less than 0.3% THC as required by law.

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Please do not use Elevate® if you’re pregnant or nursing. If you’re taking medications and/or have a medical condition, please consult with a physician before use. Elevate® is not recommended for sale to or use by minors.