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A Guide For Getting Into Meditation

Keeping calm and carrying on should be something we all strive for in our daily lives. Hemp extracts with CBD can help us out in that regard by supporting our body’s natural ability to handle stress triggers and helping us keep from getting too anxious. Combining daily CBD with the practice of meditation can provide a two-pronged approach to improving our mental wellness.

While there are apps and classes we can take to get into the practice, it’s easy to try it out yourself to see if you’re interested in making it part of your daily routine. For starters, you’ll need a comfortable place to sit and a timer. Most of us picture people sitting cross-legged on the ground when we think of meditation, but it’s not a requirement. A timer with a quiet alarm can be found on most smartphones, but remember to lower the volume. You’re not trying to be woken up.

Once you have these two things, get comfortable and set your timer for five to ten minutes. Just like exercise, frequency is more important than the length of time. Meditating for ten minutes every day will benefit you way more than meditating for an one hour once a week. After starting the timer, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try to tune out the sounds in your surroundings. If your mind wanders, don’t get hung up on wherever it goes. Simply refocus on your inhaling and exhaling once you realize you got distracted. This will likely happen often the first time you try meditating, but don’t get discouraged! Practice makes perfect, and the more you meditate the easier it will get to maintain focus. If it helps, you can try counting your breaths or placing your hand over your chest or stomach to feel them as they go in or out.

That’s really all it takes to get started. If you enjoy it and want more guidance, explore online for information about classes or apps that can provide more in depth information and practices. Meditation has the potential to work in tandem with CBD to improve our body’s natural ability to handle stress, and CBD can in turn help with getting into the practice of meditation by supporting our body’s ability to maintain overall balance.

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