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Clearing Up The Muscle Confusion

First things first, everyone’s fitness goals are different. We’re lucky enough to live in an embarrassment of riches when it comes to workout routines and exercise methodologies, but there isn’t one clear “best” option. It all depends on what you’re personally looking to achieve.

Recently, workouts and boutique gyms have sprung up that focus on “muscle confusion” as the foundation for improving our physical fitness. The concept springs from the understanding that our muscles will adapt to a particular exercise the more we repeat it, and this adaption will increase efficiency and make the exercise easier to do therefore decreasing the benefits gained. Workout routines that are based on muscle confusion seek to avoid this adaptation by constantly changing the workout.

So is this the ultimate answer to achieving your fitness goals?

Well, yes and no.

Our particular goals will play a major role in determining the best approach to successfully achieving them. Are you looking for a wellspring of motivation that will keep you focused and simply want to stay physically fit? Then a workout structured around peak muscle confusion might be a great fit. If your goal is the 3 Gs (Gains, Gains, and Gains), then progressive overload might be better. With this approach the focus is on repeating an exercise that targets a specific muscle group and gradually increasing weight or resistance over time.

The benefits of muscle confusion are that the variety will help avoid monotony and keep you motivated while helping you stay in shape with greater short term improvements. Progressive overload will help you gain mass, but the benefits take longer and the workouts are more repetitive. Both are great exercise approaches, and combining the two is also a viable approach. Either way, it’s important to keep recovery in mind and make sure your routine includes rest days and management of inflammation and muscle ache associated with all the effort you’re putting in. A daily dose of CBD from hemp extracts can provide our endocannabinoid system with the boost it needs to help promote our natural ability to reduce inflammation and the aches and pains associated with it. This can go a long way in improving our commitment and performance in the gym.

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