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Alcohol and CBD

Both alcohol and Cannabidiol (CBD) are considered drugs by the US government however, one has shown significant results in mitigating the negative side effects of the other. In short, CBD can help hangover symptoms as well as decrease the overall damage alcohol does to the body.

Research has shown that people that use CBD have experienced pain relief, lower anxiety, reduced nausea, reduction in seizures, aided in sleep, and many other benefits. Anyone who indulges in a night of heavy drinking knows that many of these ailments maybe awaiting them the day after. Wouldn’t it be great to avoid the dreaded “party flu”?

In a world where there’s a new pharmaceutical every day, and over prescription by doctors and is commonplace it’s comforting to know that CBD is available and has no known negative side effects. It is also impossible to overdose on. That said, In the spirit of full disclosure, the only possible negative effect that people should be aware of is if CBD product contains more than 0.3% THC. In this case, the user may experience unwanted psychoactive effects, so be sure you thoroughly review the product you are consuming.

These psychoactive effects are commonly known as “getting high”. Thankfully, CBD itself has NO psychoactive properties and as a result poises no risk for amplifying a panic attack, creating restlessness that would inhibit sleep, or create an unwanted state of mind during a hangover. Since there are no psychoactive properties, CBD is considered medicinal and can be purchased online and shipped to all 50 states (visit elevate.com to browse products).

As mentioned previously, alcohol on the other hand has many negative side effects that range from mild to severe. You could say alcohol has no positive side effects, unless you consider lowered inhibitions and the feeling of being drunk positive, of course this is all subjective. Unlike CBD, it is possible for a human to consume enough alcohol to result in death. This is called alcohol poisoning and is not always lethal, but can be achieved during the course of one night. This is obviously seen in extreme cases, however there are many other ways you could hurt yourself or others by drinking too much which brings us back to the most common issue, the hangover.

Hangovers can vary depending on your age, weight, and amount of food consumed, etc. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Keep in mind this should also be considered when experimenting with CBD as a remedy. Many vehicles for CBD are available such as tinctures, gum, creams, sprays, pills, and dissolvable strips. Since there is no risk of overdose, play around with the timing and dosage to see what works for you. For best results trying taking during the night of drinking, before bed, and in the morning. You may even want to log your results to see what works best for you.

In conclusion, if you are going to consume alcohol always drink in moderation. That said, on the odd night where you and your friends go off the deep end, take comfort in knowing that you have CBD products such as elevate to help ease the pain.

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