Affiliate Program


We offer 10% commission on every new sale you refer to

How would you like to make Recurring commissions?
(yes, you heard that right!)

When a customer clicks on Your referral URL and makes a purchase, they’re instantly linked to you! When the customer returns to make another purchase on your website, you will receive a commission, even if they visit the website directly. A customer can only be linked to one affiliate at a time. Since you and the customer are linked, you will still be awarded a commission even if the customer clears their browser cookies or uses a different computer. Additionally, if the customer ever uses a different email address while purchasing (logged in) or changes their email address from their WordPress profile, the new email address is stored with your account.

Direct Link Tracking

You will be provided a direct to without a referral link. No need to use a query string when linking from your own website. Could not get any simpler!

Your own Affiliate Area

Easily access your performance data in your private Affiliate Area when logged-in to your account. View referrals, visits, payouts, statistics, campaigns, submit direct links and more!

30-day tracking cookie

Our tracking cookies are stored for a generous 30 days to allow your referred customers time to browse our site before making the decision to purchase.

See our Affiliate Agreement for more information.

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Who can become an affiliate and how much does it cost?

Anyone can become an Elevate® affiliate simply by signing up. However, we reserve the right to reject any site based on illegal activities or discrimination. It costs nothing to become an Elevate affiliate!

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Where can I advertise Elevate® products?

You can use any of our supplied promotional materials online or offline as long as it does not promote illegal or discriminatory content.

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I do not live in the United States. Can I still be an affiliate?

Unfortunately our affiliate program is only open to those residing in the United States at this time.

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How much do I get paid?

We offer 10% commission on every new sale you refer to

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Do I get recurring commissions?

Yes, you will receive commission credit for each order placed by your referred customer.

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Do chargebacks or cancellations get removed from my payout?

Yes, if a customer cancels, returns, refuses or does a chargeback your commission payout will be cancelled for that order.

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When and how do I get paid?

Commission checks are issued at the beginning of every month. Minimum Commissions payout is $25.

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